Location: Dominica

Halloween was always my favorite holiday as a kid and actually still is today. This is probably because I wanted to be an actor and Halloween is one day that you can dress up and play a particular character. And nothing is better than the perfect costume to run around in for a night. Halloween aboard continues to be a fun experience and always challenges the crew to come up with creative costumes. Ocean Star’s crew did well this year making for a fun costume contest tonight, whom the winners were Nash as a girl (who actually shaved his legs!), Lucy in her thug boy role, and Geraldine as the very scary porcelain doll. Even more entertaining was watching everyone give their Oceanography presentations in their costumes still. Outside of the Halloween celebrations the crew did a double tank dive this morning seeing all kinds of unique sea life including the very small and elusive sea horse. After that the crew explored the capital of Dominica, Roseau getting their first taste of the island. A good day one of Dominica with only better days to come. And now I look forward to cap off the night with Scary Story Time’ with the Captain. Happy Halloween everyone, have a good night and sweet dreams