Location: Barbuda to St. Barths

Today was a big day for some of the Ocean star crew, with a long marathon of intensive training for their PADI Rescue Diver certification. It involved lots of reading and class, and some cool hands on activities in the water learning how to handle diving emergencies and problems. Tor and Laurie, the two instructors, along with Van and Will, the aspiring Dive Masters are doing a great job teaching, and hopefully we will get our certifications shortly.

Another very important part of the day was celebrating the day that our fellow crew member Danny blessed the earth with his presence! On this day, he has officially been conquering life for 19 years, and just from personal observation on this boat, the world has been much better off with him here on it! So BIG shout out to the my man Dan and his wonderful cake that we ate together.

The rest of the day was eventful as because we had a night passage from Barbuda to St. Barths. It involved some exciting moments and lots of good experience for the crew. Sailing at night is one of the more surreal experiences on Ocean Star, especially because at least personally, I feel like an awesome pirate while doing it. The conversations used to stay awake are generally quite entertaining. The sail was downwind, with a bunch of jibes, so it kept the crew on their toes. It was quite nice to be awoken after sunrise to witness St. Barth’s right in front of us ready to start a new day.