Location: 35 46' N 013 50' W

Still surrounded by an ocean desert. All of the 150 packs of ramen noodles have already been eaten, and we still have 6 days until our feet grace-land again. How does one live like this? Sheer grit and adoration for the sea. Today we did group trivia in a leadership class and 2 teams tied for first place. Prizes of chips and candies were dolled out appropriately. It is getting quite rough out here on the high seas. Fitz is pretty green in the face. It could be from the steak tartar we had the other night or could just be the rocking and rolling of this marvelous vessel. Needless to say, please send seasickness tablets via drone for the unfortunate few. Most are in high spirits watching the sickly bunch. There have been a few moments I almost slid overboard, luckily im agile like a cat, and the staff are always in the right place to catch you by the PFD (Thanks Freddie). The sunsets are bar none. Today was reminiscent of a UFO. There is a crackling ‘pan pan’ call coming through on the radio as I type from an unknown caller with an unknown urgency. We will keep you all posted if we turn into sea-faring heroes.

– Sailor boy Alejandro…

photo #1: Ufo sunset
photo #2: Kayleigh on the Helm
Photo #3: James, Ines, Calum, and Paige in the dishy pit