Location: Mountain Point, British Virgin Islands

The crew started the morning with a hearty meal of pancakes and fruit. Immediately following breakfast, we loaded our dive gear into the dinghy and headed out for our second open water dive. After about 45 minutes underwater, we surfaced and returned to Ocean Star for another oceanography class, where we discussed the projects that we would be doing. Lunch was enjoyed by the crew after a long but enjoyable morning. As the crew finished eating, the excitement seemed to grow on deck. The afternoon plan was to hoist the sails and finally see Ocean Star as she was meant to be. We pulled up the anchor and tacked and jibed back and forth along the shore of Virgin Gorda, practicing using the lines and performing various maneuvers. We had many passing boats radio us to say that Ocean Star looked amazing! On the way back to Mountain Point, we had a Man-Over-Board drill and a talk about safety. Dinner followed, dropping the anchor, and our first MTE class took up the rest of the evening: another fun-filled, non-stop day aboard this awesome boat.