Location: Les Saintes

Today we had the same wake-up time, but the chefs were on top of it, and we ended up having an early breakfast, which turned out to be a good thing considering that as soon as we were all finishing up, it started to rain. Thankfully the Caribbean rain never lasts long, so after about a 5-10 minute respite, we were able to continue with our normal schedule. We all went back on deck and then split into our watch teams to finish up our emergency First Responder skills. That required a lot of acting but resulted in mostly laughing. I am happy to report we all passed our scenarios and are now EFR certified! We then had SLD, where we talked about understanding others and how important it is to learn to put yourself in other people’s shoes – important things to think about when you live this close to so many people. We then went to shore for a few hours, and most of us spent our time eating lots of delicious food, walking around the explore Les Saintes, maybe a little shopping, and catching up with people via WiFi. Once we got back to Ocean Star, it was shower time and dinner, and now we are getting ready to watch a video of a great white shark dissection for marine biology!