Location: Argo

Hello, Hello everyone!!
Things couldn’t be better on Argo. We departed Fernando yesterday afternoon and set our course for Devil’s Island. Getting back into the watch rotation is always tough, but with the release of Watch Teams season two means lots of new conversation. Watch team one with Peter, David, Golden Gabe, Brina, Nat, Will, and Elisabeth, led by elder Gabe, kicked us off with the 8-12 watch. Followed by Shuman and Claire’s watch team 2, which consists of MG, Nick, Elene, Beau, Audrey, Gabe D, and Zoe, came out strong on the 12-4. Bringing it home with the 4-8 was Amanda and Ben’s watch team 3!!!! Made up of Katie, Ellie, Emma, Max, Tim, and myself, we, like the other teams, started off with some icebreaker questions. After a great first watch, we convened in the cockpit for some brain food lunch of spring roll bowls before our Oceanography exam. The second half of the afternoon was filled with excitement when we learned we were changing sheets!!! As the chefs prepared a delicious dinner of beef chili and cornbread while others caught up on work and got organized for the days ahead. The day came to a close with a boat of 26 singing along to Zach Bryan’s “Something In The Orange” while watching an incredible orange sunset drop below the horizon.