Location: Saba

This morning began with a sunrise hike in Ile Fourche. The crew woke up at 4:45 am and were in the dinghy by 5 am to motor to shore. After summiting, the crew sat and enjoyed the sunrise, which was well worth the early wake-up. We then returned to the boat, where we enjoyed a quick breakfast before heading off to Saba. After putting the sails up, the MTE students learned what it would be like to navigate without the modern-day assistance of Nobeltec (our beloved navigation aide). We did this by throwing a piece of bread overboard at the bow of Ocean Star and timing how long it took to reach the stern. After a few quick calculations, we were able to figure out our boat speed and, thus, how long it would take us to get to Saba. The crew waged sodas and other various items, and the person who estimated the time closest to our arrival time was the winner of these prizes. The winning estimation was just two minutes before our arrival time. Once moored in Saba, we ate lunch and had some downtime in order to tidy up our cabins and personal spaces. Some of the crew was lucky enough to see a huge Great Barracuda, and we tried to feed it some of our lunch to get it to stick around. Once our barracuda left us, some used this downtime as an opportunity to climb up the rigging into the Crow’s Nest. Patrick and Caitlin then decided to dress up as the Statue of Liberty in celebration of the 4th of July for dinner, which brought some festive cheer to the crew. After our cleanup, the crew readied themselves for MTE tonight and a busy day of hiking and diving tomorrow.

Happy 4th of July to everyone at home!