Location: Similan Islands, Thailand

Today was a milestone for the new crew of Argo. Not only did we complete our first overnight passage, in which we sailed from Phi Phi Don to the Similan Islands, but we are now officially certified open water scuba divers! Just another day of checking things off of our bucket list left and right. In other words, it is a pretty awesome feeling, as we can now run many of the operations on the ship as well as comfortably stay underwater in the deep blue sea as hoards of fish swim past us. I am not afraid to say that scuba diving is by far one of the most unnerving things one can do in the ocean. It forces one out of there nature comfort zone, swimming around with fins that make you feel like whales and masks that suction cup to your face like a starfish. Scuba diving has its quirks, yet we all have gotten the hang of it – with certificates to show for it. We are constantly gaining confidence and becoming more comfortable the more we dive, becoming fishes ourselves. Today has been a good start to more underwater and underway adventures to come for the crew of Argo. Still, for now, we will eat simply relax the night away, let adventures wait for tomorrow, and eat homemade brownies in celebration.