Location: Saline Bay, Mayreau

To everyone that read along with us yesterday, it’s Keaton and Meg again, so buckle up. At lunch today, Steve’s heart grew 3 sizes as he broke the news that Vela invited us to dinner. The sole reason this happened was obviously the blog post from yesterday. Yes, that’s right, everyone, you have witnessed history. I am not about to steal Tophs’s spotlight, so I’ll keep this quick. I would also like to point out that our friend Christopher has a wild imagination, much like the imagination of Christopher Robbin from the hit children’s show Winnie the Pooh, so anything you read below has little to no credibility and very well may be fabricated. Steve is mad at me because my hair tinsel keeps falling out in the chart-house, so it looks like this is where we part. Hugs and Kisses from your favorite blog writers, Keaton and Meg
P.S. Vela dinner was so fun. Next time we will bring dessert.

Now Tophs is kicking me out, so here is the real blog:

Getting a full night’s sleep without an anchor watch isn’t too common, so I was thrilled to get to sleep straight through the night. The day started off with the smell of muffins wafting through the salon and some good music, much better than Brahm’s german death metal. Everyone up early also got to witness Celia fall down the stairs for the second time in two days. After having breakfast, everyone gathered in the salon for oceanography, where we learned about hurricanes and other interactions between the ocean and air. After this, we had to take our VHF exam, which everybody passed. At lunch, it was announced that we were having dinner with Vela, another Seamester boat. With this announcement, Meg and Keaton screamed and started crying tears of joy. Then the fun part started- we all headed over to the beach for a day of leadership games. For our first game, we all had to move from a line in the sand to a pile of coconuts, and our feet had to stay touching the entire time. We ended up butt-scooting across the sand, which worked very well. Then, we played two games of capture the flag, where my team went zero for two. After coming back from the beach games, we went straight over to Vela for dinner. Everyone was very impressed with the size of their boat, but Ocean Star is still superior. We all enjoyed getting to know the people on Vela, and the food was also very good. Bye, everybody!

Picture 1: Grady lounging under the shade of a palm tree
Picture 2: Butt scooting across the sand
Picture 3: Keaton and Meg gripping Addisen’s toes
Picture 4: The winning capture the flag team
Picture 5: Tonight’s sunset with Vela
Picture 6: Frisbee gang