Location: Gustavia, St Barths

The crew awoke at various times throughout the night to complete our first anchor watch. Our day officially started at 7:30 am with breakfast, which was French toast. After breakfast, we fixed up the sails that had not come down so neatly during the storm yesterday. We were then able to continue with our boat appreciation duties, which seemed to be happening at a slow pace this morning. Finally, we finished and were able to prepare to go to shore. Once on shore, the crew did the usual. First stop: internet caf where everyone was reminded that life does, in fact, go on off the ship. Then, on to lunch, where we dined on crepes. Finally, off to do some shopping, which proved to be hard since most of the stores closed early. At 4:00 pm, it was back to Ocean Star, where the day continued as usual. Shower time was followed by dinner and MTE class. At last, we have some off time to think of the surf day we have tomorrow.