Location: Underway to Dominica

The day began with a running start. We were told if we got ready to sail sooner, we would be able to anchor at Dragon Island for lunch and a little exploring. All sails were raised, and we were underway to Dominica by 9:30. We didn’t make it to Dragon Island (Also known as Redonda) in time for lunch, but we did go exploring. The island is uninhabited and is filled with nesting grounds for the birds. It was basically a giant rock. It was fun climbing the rocks doing our best not to slip, exploring the small cave, and snorkeling back to good old Ocean Star. The rest of the night and into the morning, we will sail to Dominica. So far, we have sailed pretty smoothly. The waves are calm, and the wind isn’t too strong. So far, no one has been seasick! So we have been taking turns sailing, studying, and sleeping. Dominica, here we come!