Location: Tyrrel Bay, Carriacou

Hello, loyal blog readers!

Our day began with a bit of a rough wake up because. Apparently, I’m not intimidating enough to awake people from their slumber. I’ll be working on that for next time. After people decided to emerge from their bunks, we had a wonderful breakfast and packed lunch food arrangement prepared by our very own captain Steve! Shortly after, we had an exciting dingy ride over to the dock for our first shore day in Carriacou. Our wonderful taxi driver, Linky, drove us all around the island, sharing fun facts and historical knowledge. He then drove us to Windward village, which is a historic village known for building sailboats, specifically the Carriacou sloop. We toured around the boatyard with our new friend Dave who introduced us to Nero, the shipwright. He took us to see a sailboat they just recently finished, which took 2 1/2 years. It was the biggest boat Dave saw being built there and will be getting launched this weekend. After we finished both tours, we had some free time ashore. Everyone spent their shore time a little differently. Some got fruit from a nice fruit stand man, others enjoyed their shore day with “the boys,” and the rest walked around and found ice cream. After a blissful few hours, we all had to get back on the grind and start being scholarly for our seamanship test tonight. I thoroughly enjoyed Gus asking Matt and I if he should know certain terms, and he continued to do this for hours even though we both have no idea what’s on the test. We ended this lovely day with another exquisite meal from Steve. Dinner conversation consisted of people comparing how they pronounce words based on where they are from and everyone else saying that’s weird. All in all, today was a wonderful day aboard Ocean Star.

To my parents, who keep asking for their shoutout, this is it.

Sincerely your skipper of the day,