Location: Gustavia, St. Barths

Another day starts under the Caribbean sun aboard Ocean Star when music echoes through the saloon and onto the deck. Then the crew struggles out of their bunks after a late night in Saint Barths. We all climb up the companionway squinting from the sun, to line up for breakfast of eggs and sausages. After breakfast, we then head to the saloon for marine bio and oceanography. After classes, we have a free day to walk around Saint Barths for one more day. Some people go ashore to get something to eat or do some shopping for the holidays. Personally, I go to get some pizza at a place that looks more like a Chinese restaurant but actually has really good pizza with all different toppings like smoked salmon or cream cheese. I have a pizza with bacon and mozzarella. So some of us sit there eating pizza and checking up on what’s going on back home. Some other people just walk around the town or go to a nearby beach. After the day, we all meet up back at the boat for a squeeze and dinner. For squeeze, my question of the day is, “What is your favorite holiday tradition?” considering it’s so close to the holiday season. So we all sit there eating a shrimp dinner with the sun setting behind us. Ahoy to all of you onshore, and hope to see you soon. The skipper of the day, James