Location: Gustavia, St Barths

To paint a picture of how this morning began: I roll out of my bunk exactly 1 minute before wake ups. The Lumineers were my choice of wake-up music, but as I made my way to the Focsle, I was approached by Steph, who informed me that Heather and Drew had gone for a morning dive, and now both had gone missing. I quickly rounded up the crew, yelling this information as loud as I could. Some (who were smart and knew a rescue drill was happening as soon as the sun came up) slept in their bathing suits, others quickly changed, while the rest of the crew simply hopped in the water in their PJs, ready to save some lives. Drew and Heather were just fine, thanks to a crew of almost-rescue-divers, and breakfast was served. After a nice and efficient cleanup, we were able to study for our Nav Master exam that is happening in 6 days!! After, it was almost time to leave the beautiful island of Ile Fourchue, but the crew was informed that two more divers had now gone missing. Steph and Drew were diving and now are nowhere to be found. We scurried on deck and immediately got to work. Bubbles were spotted, and rescuers hopped in the water, ready to save another round of lives. After bringing Drew and Steph back to life, we were ready to hop back over to the main island St. Barths, but a squall had other plans. Eventually, it passed, and we picked up anchor for a quick motor over. An amazing lunch was served, thanks to chef Steph. After arriving, we got to work on a speedy fast round of passage prep for tomorrow. Finally, an amazing dinner was prepared by rockstar sous KT and Dani.

See ya in 16! :’)

Skipper out!