Location: Underway to Brazil

Yet again, we sailed, waving goodbye to land for another two weeks as the sunset and the great display of stars began. The crew, having retained their sea legs, made very few meetings with a railing as we got underway. Watch teams reunited over the night as their shifts started again. The ocean was calm and gentle, with no wind over 15 knots. No sailing was able to be done. At noon, captain Freddie, now also head chef, delighted the crew with masterfully done squash, lentils, and rice. After eating, the crew found themselves right back in the classroom with last-minute studying being done before the sailing ICC exam. Then our resident marine bio teacher Ben took us through a lovely and necessary review session for our upcoming exam. After class, some studied while some took much-needed naps. Until we were all rudely disturbed by Freddie setting off the fire alarm as he cooked chicken and mashed potatoes. After rushing to the cockpit, the crew once again put away their type 1 PFDs and prepared for dinner. Freddie, Eldest Gabe, and Brina nailed the food. The squeeze question tonight was, “who has impacted your life significantly but doesn’t know it.” The whole crew had lovely answers and are now cleaning up the boat and getting ready for the next round of night watches. All is good here on Argo as we make a good headway to Brazil. Managing just over 7 knots with the engine and a heading of 340 degrees. Landfall is to be made in 9 to 11 days. The crew is in good spirits. Signing off, your Skipper Max No. 25