Location: Underway

Great experiences continue routinely on Argo. Trips to Chichinitza and celebrating St. Patty’s day in Mexico capped off another successful day. An early morning followed with Glenn, Brian, and Scotty hard at work in the galley making French toast. It was a day to be spent working on the boat. MTE (sailing class), chips and dip and initial boat prep kept us in good spirits for the rest of the morning as we recuperated from the night before. By mid-afternoon, sail covers were off halyards and rigging in place, and dock lines off. Armed with snacks, a few good books, windbreakers, and plenty of studying, we were ready for the next excursion. Destination: Cuba – the land of trading embargos and mustaches – We are currently nearing the final stretch of the Cuban mustache competition, and a climactic finish is expected. The bad blood between shipmates have tickled their ‘staches and made for fierce competitiveness during MTE on deck knowledge tests today, Baby-faced sailors (like myself) look onward with envy and admiration in the closing days.