Location: Underway to the Similan Islands

Today started with a light breeze and calm seas. The stronger gusts of North-East monsoon, which had been a feature of previous days, had blown away the haze, and this morning, the sun’s warmth shimmered off the deck as it rose over the hills of Phi Phi Don and into the cloudless blue sky. After a breakfast of fruit salad and oatmeal, the awning was put up, and dishes cleared away, and then it was time for a marine biology lecture in the cool of the saloon. Departure for the Similan Islands was set for after lunch, so once the lecture was over and bunks and cabins had been appropriately stowed, there were a couple of hours of shore time to be had and the opportunity for one last ice cream or smoothie before the 90 nautical mile passage. After lunch and with impressive efficiency and a positive attitude, dinghies were hoisted onto deck, awnings were struck, and booms were topped. As the light breeze backed to the North, Argo set out, flying the main, main staysail, and forward staysail. The wind being light meant that motor sailing was necessary. The excitement among the crew was great as we embarked on our first night passage of the semester, and as the sun sets over the distant horizon, setting the sky on fire, spirits were high as we charged forward into the next adventure. So ends this day.