Location: sLiPwAy, Antigua

It feels like yesterday that I stepped onto this monohull schooner in the Antigua dockyard…but I was just informed by the trip’s medic that it was, in fact, 80 days ago. Apparently, as I was getting on the boat on February 5th, I slipped on one of the leader’s (Ash) banana peels and slid down into the laz, knocked unconscious, where I remained for the duration of the trip, forgotten. I am pale and frail, in contrast to my should-have-been crew members, who are sun-kissed and strong from 80 days of 2-6 ing. I don’t want to seem ungrateful, as I didn’t chip in on any sail raises or saltying and still covered 800 nautical miles, but I am a bit jealous of their trip. They hiked beautiful peaks, tasted chocolate and fruit straight from the source, danced on the chart house, laughed and debated over meals and salty pits, dove over beautiful reefs, and saw dolphins chase their boat into the sunset. They have turned from strangers into teammates while I slept, and laugh and hug as they say goodbye to a trip well done. Oh well, I’ll try again next semester.

In all seriousness, cheers to an amazing trip, and we hope your crew member makes it home safely with no slips;)

Final xoxo to our loyal fans,

Your favorite blog writers,

Lulu and Kylie