Location: Saline Bay, Mayreau

Day 36 began differently after an intense night attempting to untie ourselves from one another. Leadership went late the night before in a team-bonding exercise of the “human knot” directed by Chief.
After a pancake breakie courtesy of Chubs and the Barnacles AKA Jukuma, Xonel, and Chief AKA Julia, Lenox, and Pearse, we enjoyed Marine Biology and reciting the phonetic alphabet in Seamanship.
Post lunch, we scurried to land, where we spent the next few hours engaged in leadership games on one of Mayreau’s scenic beaches. Some people jumped right into the ocean, others (just Luke) immediately climbed up a tree.
We began the afternoon’s festivities with “Birdie on a Perch,” which required us to pair up and some people to get punched in the face (thank you, Sophie). I saw a new side of my friends during this activity. What Margeaux described fun “petty competition” shone brightly as mania in her eyes. The final two pairs remaining in what resembled a wild west showdown were Kiara and Will and Pearse and Isabel L. who ultimately won as their peers cheered them on. Next, we lined up and attempted to coordinate 16 pairs of feet shuffling to a palm leaf Ash placed 75 miles (feet) away. Luke proved his and Julia’s toe interlocking method most effective after the game had already concluded. Finally, five teams were formed within which members each became the “eyes” (can see, can’t speak), the “mouth” (can speak, can’t see or move), and the “body” (can move, can’t speak or see) in an effort to recover the water bottles Ash and Adelaide scattered about the beachfront. Ben was on all fours, Mike sped way ahead of direction, Isabel L. took a beating, and I ran across a beach blindfolded, holding a warm pickle jar. We all pushed ourselves for the sake of the team. In the end, “the Castaways,” Ben, Kiara, and Zac reigned victoriously. Free time at the beach after consisted of swimming, football, ultimate frisbee, coconut hunting, and thanks to Will, a new leisurely sport Mukgot (current high score is 56).
Showers, pasta dinner, and discussions about food truck dreams finished a day of good sportsmanship.

1- Mayreau Beach view
2- Chub and the Barnacles
3- Ocean Star
4- Human Knot
5- Kiara, Will, Ruth-Riley
6- Big smiles for Chief
7- Ben, Isabel L., Zoe
8- Tree-Luke
9- Margeaux!
10- Issa and Julia keeping things 40/40
11- Ash
12- Birdies falling down
13- “Magnetic Feet.”
14- Sunset via Soph
15- “OCEAN STAR FALL 2020!”
16- End of a good day.