Location: Civitavecchia, Italy

So, today was our first day, and it was informative and busy with things to do! We learned all about the boat and more about each other!
We started the day at an early 7 am, in which I had to wake the whole crew up. I figured due to jet lag, this was going to be the hardest job as skipper, but to my surprise, everyone was awake before 7 and was ready to go! For breakfast, we had a berry cobbler and yogurt. You could smell the fresh-baked breakfast throughout the boat. After breakfast, we got to our chores and clean up – this was followed by a meet-up in the cockpit (or what I explained as the steering wheel). Then we split into groups and began a more in-depth look into the safety points on the boat, such as what to do in case of all sorts of emergencies (man overboard, etc.).
After this, we had some downtime in which a bunch of the crew got together and played cards. It was a super fun game, and we loved teaching others how to play. We were a few rounds in when the alarm started blaring – we had a surprise drill which gave everyone a good jump, and we were up!
When we got to the deck, we had a Gumby suit race in which we all had to put on our suits. It was a challenge but overall super fun!
For lunch, we had sandwiches and salad, and I had seconds.
After we split into groups and learned more about the boat, after all of the information, I can say the engine room is cool and bigger than expected, and the boat is starting to feel more cozy and familiar.
We then went out and explored a bit of Civitavecchia, which was super cool and nice to step out and get a taste of Italy.
We had supper, which was a delicious chicken and potatoes, and ended off with a squeeze.
Overall today was a super fun first full day, it was great getting to know everyone a little better, and I can’t wait for the rest of the voyage to begin!

Photo 1: Clara in. the companionway
Photo 2: Freddie battling the raging fire Dylan
Photo 3: Liz, Sam, and Arden getting to know each other in the salon
Photo 4: All of the shipmates dressed up in their Gumby suits