Location: Low Isles

We woke up to the smell of zucchini bread that we had cooked the night before; everyone is always excited for breakfast because we didn’t get to snack 24/7 as we do at home. Quickly finishing breakfast (the zucchini bread was amazing), we blew through clean up and got our day started. We had a pin rail chase and knots class, where we learned a number of ways to tie different knots and which ones to use in what situation. The open water divers also had their second open water dive and are quickly on their way to becoming certified. Then we got to go on our first mangrove snorkel, which I personally was very excited about. Tor dropped us off in our dinghy, Smoke, and we were off. Kyle Hay was my buddy, and we saw an abundance of sea life we had never seen before! We saw our first blue sea star, the largest coral I had ever seen, and incredibly giant clams. When we all got back to the boat, we showered, but before, everyone showed off by doing flips and tricks off our bow. After showers, we had our first passage prep; today will be our first passage that would take us overnight to reach our next destination, Lizard Island. I was on the first watch team from 8 p.m. to 12 p.m. We talked through the night and did boat checks every hour, which made watch go by a bit quicker. The sight of the next watch team emerging from below made my heart skip a beat. I was about to be able to go to bed. Once down below, I passed out as soon as my head hit the pillow, looking forward to another day on Argo.