Location: Ladder Bay, Saba

Last night, after some final adjustments to the sails, we set off on our first overnight passage to Saba. Our evening sail was accompanied by a brilliantly shiny full moon, which in addition to 10-15 knots of wind, made for a quiet, smooth, and graceful sail through the night. Watch teams took turns watching over Argo as she glided through the water. At lunch, we were all together again, sharing stories about the first people to puke and rally, the birthday dolphins that greeted Emily when she came on deck for watch, and the flying fish that seemed to materialize out of nowhere. In the afternoon, the crew was introduced to the names of many of the critters they have been seeing on their snorkels and dives in a marine biology class and then had a professional skipper training class. On deck, the crew honed their sailing skills by throwing in a couple of tacks, but we finally had to throw on the engine for our final approach to the land of leprechauns and unicorns: Saba. Argo got some love as we flaked sails, washed the salt off the hull, and tidied up the deck. After the passage, everyone ate like kings for dinner- Mexican night- and we ended the evening with a birthday cake for Emily! Another epic day aboard Argo!