Location: UW to Antigua

Today was the beginning of the student-led passage. This means our elected officers, Mike skipper. Corrine, first mate, and Olivia, as navigator, will lead the boat from the anchorage in Statia to Antigua with minimal help from the staff. As of this moment, we are halfway there. With a stronger-than-expected wind, 25 kts, and multiple fishing buoys to navigate around, the main sail raise was hectic. We later managed to get out of Statia and navigate our way out of the channel between St. Kitts and Statia and now are heading towards Antigua. We have tacked twice and had to fix some of our jib sail ties while under a heavy sea state. Mike got soaked. The last thing to happen was the foresail raise after our last tack.

Guest Appearance from Olivia:
This passage has been like no other. Not only is it our last passage, but it is strange without as much guidance from the staff. That’s not to say they aren’t helping and making sure we are on track, but it feels different when we are calling all the shots. It really shows how much we have learned and how far we have come since the last time we were in Antigua, way back at the beginning of our trip. For me, this task is especially very exciting. As navigator, it is my job to plot our course, predict our ETA, and overall keep us on track. It is exhilarating taking all we have learned in Seamanship on navigation and applying it to real world applications and sail planning. The crew also has faith in our elected officers, which is reassuring. I’m confident we will make it to Antigua safely 🙂 Wish us safe passage and luck on our last overnight sail! Love, Olivia