Location: Underway to Essaouira

My day began at 8 o’clock when I was woken up for watch. It was our first watch where we didn’t get hit by a squall randomly through the 4 hours. In the past two days, it has felt like a water park, riding waves and getting completely soaked during bow watch. We are averaging 1-3 knots and crashing through swells ranging from 8 to 12 feet. Not to mention that it’s been blowing 25 knots (near gale) directly into our bow, making it quite difficult to move forward. Everyone was woken up for lunch at noon at the end of my watch. We had an MTE exam after lunch; hopefully, everyone passed so they can receive the International Crew Certificate. After the exam, we had to present our literature reviews for Oceanography. Finally, everyone got their nap-time, but not everyone wanted to sleep. I certainly did not because soon after, I was lucky enough to be awake when we had to put up the jib to help hold the boat down. This time we had to go out on the bowsprit and untie and hook up the halyard so we could raise it up. As Sam and I were on the bowsprit, the waves were hitting us along with the rain. Sam was dressed in full foulies; I was, unfortunately, only wearing a bathing suit and a shirt. Sam then realized one of the hanks broke from what probably was the wind, but we can’t know for sure. We then proceeded to pry this broken hank off so we could put another one on and raise the sail. After that was finished, we raised the sail and off we went! Today was an eventful day, to say the least! I leave you on that ARGO reader! See you in thirty days. set date:2012-10-26