Location: Underway to Borneo

Today marked our last day in the Indian Ocean. Like many of the mornings in this passage, the day started with a light breeze and calm seas. As we approached the Sunda Straits, we left the deep blues of the ocean depths as they faded into the greener seas of the coastal waters. Just as lunch was served, the hazy shape of the mighty Krakatoa volcano hove into view. As we neared the barren slopes, clouds of ash and steam could be seen rising from the summit to the North East. With a strong current against us, our boat speed slowed even with the stiffening breeze, and we watched as the monstrous cargo vessels past us en route to and from the busy port of Jakarta. Classes were taken in the refreshing cool of the saloon, and the crew was even treated to some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies made by our very own Annie Rae. Tonight promises to be a busy night as we navigate the busy straits in order to reach our destination in the early hours of tomorrow morning to start what we are sure will be a drawn-out customs clearance procedure. As we say our goodbyes to the vast Indian Ocean, proud of our accomplishments as ocean-going sailors, we welcome the Java Sea and the adventures that await us in the dense jungles of Borneo. So ends this day.