Location: Saba

The morning started with an early wake-up call to get the boat ready for our sail to Saba. After some boat prep and breakfast, we lift the anchor and hoist the sails. The wind was working in our favor today, so we were able to turn the main engine off and truly sail for the first time. The passage was enjoyed by all, with most people happy to remain upright and not seasick. Once the sails were raised, there was not a lot to do but enjoy the sail or take a nap on the deck. Most naps were interrupted by a VHF review session before the afternoon exam.

For lunch, the chefs prepared a delicious chicken Caesar salad wrap, which had to be eaten quickly as we needed to lower the sails and pick up our mooring ball. Once moored, it was time to take the VHF exam and then “put the boat to bed”. Putting the boat to bed means making sure all lines are off the deck and putting sail covers on. The rest of the afternoon was spent on backflip practice and some students finishing up some final dive skills in preparation for our fun dive tomorrow. The day wrapped up with a delicious Jambalaya cooked by Dakotah (voted best head chef yet) and his sous chefs. The rest of the evening will be spent learning more seamanship with Nick.