Location: Underway to the Galapagos

We all had a long day today filled with a lot of passage prep getting ready to head to the Galapagos. Our morning started off nicely with our usual 7 am wakeups and fresh fruit for breakfast made by Frankie. Right after breakfast, we jumped into passage prep which consisted of getting Argo ready for our 6 to 7-day trip ahead of us. We had Niko, Riley, and Nick in the anchor locker putting away the Panama lines, lots of people setting up our new mainsail, and a lot of organizing and stowing things away down below. After getting most everything done, we had lunch and then finished off the last few things to do (mostly putting on the NEW MAINSAIL!) before heading off the dock and officially being underway. We even got to see a whale and a shark during dinner to start off our passage. We’re all excited about being underway again and are looking forward to scuba diving and spending time in the Galapagos.

Current position:

Picture #1: Leaving Panama City Picture #2: Izzy, Trevor, Renee, and Elie ready for the Galapagos Picture #3: Sunset during dinner