Location: Nevadra, Fiji

Paradise doesn’t even begin to describe this experience, this country, and this day. Today we woke up to homemade cinnamon rolls that our chefs made. Almost everyone was chiming in about how wonderful they were! After breakfast, everyone who was working towards their Open Water Diving Certification hopped in the water to complete some of the requirements. A lot of people were able to complete their certification. Congratulations to all the new divers! In the meantime, all the already certified divers had free time to snorkel, work on homework, and more. Once the morning came to a close, we all gathered for lunch which was followed by oceanography class. When class was over, all the people who went diving this morning got some free time, and the certified divers got to go for a dive, which is the dive I went on. The coral reefs in Nevadra are breathtaking! Today’s dive consisted of diving along a wall of reefs that plenty of gorgeous fish call their home, and we were able to see them. After diving, we were able to see a phenomenal sunset off the deck of Argo. Ultimately, calling this paradise on earth does not do this place justice. It was another jaw-dropping, unforgettable day on Argo, thanks to the staff and crew!

– Mia, Caroline, and Ky enjoying the sun and studying
– Pierce, Morgan, and Cole studying in the salon
– Morgan and Tyler enjoying some free time on the martingale
– Pierce, Amanda, Bridget, Caleigh, and Cole doing dishes
– Caroline, E., Gabe, Lolo, Tim, and Tyler enjoying the last of the leftover chicken, so none went to waste.