Location: Martinique

After waking up to banana pancakes, the team headed to the shore for SLD class. Knowing that it was SLD, the team was asked to share leadership roles as we completed different group challenges. The challenges of today were the human knot, balancing a pole on all our fingers and getting our team across ‘lava’ using Chicklets. These challenges forced us to share our ideas about how to accomplish each task, and our personal space.. (see photos).
During shore time we had to share in our understanding of Spanish, in hopes that the people of Martinique would take our broken Spanish as a close alternative to French. You could say we got a few funny looks. We all enjoyed French baguettes, croissants, European cars and cheap but good coffee.
Today I got back in the water to finish my PADI Open Water Dive Certification. After two quick but fun dives I had finished my certification requirements and am now able to share in the joy of diving with the rest of the group (yay!).
Coming up from diving, everyone was practicing their back-flips off the side of the boat and beginning shower time. It was nice to see crew members picking up each other from shore, sharing the responsibility only the staff has held for the last 40 days.
Finally, the day ended with a family-recipe, Lebanese dinner by Emma. This trip has allowed us to all share our favorite home meals; for that many of us are thankful and excited to bring back to our family’s back at home.
As I write this we are all studying for our MTE Midterm, each of us hoping to gain our IYT International Crew Certificate!