Location: Underway to Guadeloupe!

For breakfast, Benno made bouncy muffins. He chose to go rogue and not follow a recipe, and the result was….interesting. They were shaped like volcanoes and had a certain elastic quality. In the morning, we put up the stay sails for passage prep and started our 24-hour passage to Guadalupe to meet with Ocean Star. Reminded a lot of us of the start of the program with the longer passage. We sailed up the coast of St. Vincent, where the volcano erupted, and the coast of St Lucia. It was sick to see the stars again without a lot of light pollution. For lunch, Benno made pizza, which was an hour late. It was delicious and worth the wait and Kip made cheesy garlic bread to go along with it. We had oceanography and our last leadership class with Nick, who was moving to Oceanstar. Many of the students started their Search and rescue certifications by watching the 1-hour long rescue dive video. For dinner, Benno made chicken tacos instead of chicken enchiladas because we forgot to ask to use the oven. Mads made a card for Nick and gave it to him, which all the students had signed. Tonight was the last night we had a squeeze with Nick.