Location: Martinique to Dominica

The crew woke up this morning really sleepy and the mood was dull. We motored out of Martinique and then set sail for Dominica. We had cereal underway for breakfast and broke into watch teams. We had delicious sandwiches for lunch but unfortunately only about one third of the crew actually ate. The rest were either hung over the cap rails or passed out in their bunks. While we were sailing, Ocean Star got up to 9 knots which I’m sure will be a trip record. Watch team one was on duty when we arrived in Dominica. The wind had died down as we passed behind the mountainous island and we prepared to lower the jib sail. Once we lowered the jib, we decided we might as well lower the stays sail. After we succeeded with very few people we decided we wanted to see if we could lower the rest of the sails by ourselves. We each were doing two or three jobs at a time and it became very confusing but somehow we got all the sails flaked nice and sexy! We were very proud. We then did BA (boat appreciation) and had shower time. Shortly after shower time, Pancho, the guy who was supposed to be our guide tomorrow to the boiling lake, showed up. It was very amusing talking to him and we are all really excited to see what other craziness he brings to the table tomorrow. After we had a good laugh with Pancho, the chicken fajitas were ready. They were delicious!!! Thanks to Geraldine and Jack! Then we had SLD class on full bellies. We have a fun week ahead of us in Dominica which I’m sure we’re all looking forward to.