Location: 30,00.96 N ; 066,30.45 W Bonaire to Bermuda

Today started off sharply at 12:00am with Watch team 3 beginning their watch after hand over from Watch team 2. We were all super bundled up in many, many layers and, of course, our hats. Watch team 2 decided to play a little trick on Andrea and Greg during their boat and deck check. Sonnet hid in the engine room, Maddie and Katie in the bilge in the galley, and Dre under the dinghy – not sure how frightened Andrea and Greg truly were? The rest of the night and into the morning consisted of bright lightning (possibly UFOs communicating with us), shooting stars, and a wet squall for Watch Team 2.

Shona, Andrea, and Tom were the chefs today and prepared very warm and hearty meals for us. After lunch, Leoni taught us about beach and shoreline erosion which was super fascinating to learn about the differences seen on the east and west coast of North America. After OCE, Dre presented the last chapter in Leadership on “Thriving together.” We talked about the different aspects that make us as a crew thrives and how our watch teams have grown so efficient and close over this passage. We also discussed the film “White Squall” and our upcoming paper reflecting on our experiences and leadership styles on Vela and to the ones seen on their school ship, Albatross.

Before dinner, watch team 1 was on the deck while the others had the chance to catch up on some sleep, read and study, and do some fish IDs. Today’s squeeze question was, “what is your favorite watch time?”. Many of the responses were the 4:00 am to 8:00 am because of the sunrises. We have some really nice breeze with us tonight – practically flying at 7.5 knots! Hopefully, we will see Bermuda real soon!!

Photo 1: Val, Greg, Hannah, Ethan, Colm, and Max before dinner
Photo 2: Charlie, Val, and Calum in front of the sunset
Photo 3: Greg and Andrea working on fish IDs