Location: On Passage

Today was a really fun day on passage. We started the day with a briefing from Captain Tim about his boatmeal. He is the expert on the perfect bowl of oatmeal. This morning he put in hemp seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds, coconut, a very mushy banana, and craisinsall very exciting stuff. On the 8-12 morning watch, we had a lot of fun. We played a lot of guessing games in the cockpit, and Bram told us a really good sea tale which I retold at dinner. We had a very delicious lunch of nachos which were expertly prepared by Robert and Will. After lunch, we watched some of the movie Mystic Pizza to learn about the port where we will be finishing our journey. It is very exciting because, just like in the movie, our boat is a boat coming in from the east!!!! After Mystic Pizza, we did chart work with Smash. Fun fact we are the first group of students on Argo to do practice chart work with charts for the place we are actually going. `That is because our practice charts are of the Chesapeake Bay area, and we are sailing there soon. After chart work, we had some downtime, and then we took showers on deck, which is always fun. The 2-6 pm watch spotted some dolphins, which were super cool. We ended the day with a very nice dinner of beef curry. The squeeze question tonight was to pick a movie or Tv character that the person to your rightmost embodies. We all had a lot of fun with that! Now we are doing cleanup, and we are looking forward to a clear and starry night of watches!