Location: Everywhere and Nowhere

Hello hello!!! I cannot believe it’s already been one full turn on our 22-day big job wheel, and I’m skipper again. I never get used to how weird time is on the boat.

Today was a textbook example of a day on passage. My watch team started the day nice and early at four in the morning (just so you know, we switched watch teams a few days ago, so my allegiance now lies with Watch Team 3. Watch Team 2 is no more). It was certainly a slow start, but it soon picked up due to Romeo’s and my obsession with unsolved mysteries and conspiracy theories. We definitely totally absolutely did not take up two hours of watch, forcing the others to listen to a plethora of stories. The sun finally rose and freed us all to go back to sleep if we so desired – an option I definitely took advantage of.

Our lovely chefs Nora, Heather, and Drew soon filled the cabins with the smell of falafel, hummus, and a bunch of homemade naan that I will definitely be dreaming about for the rest of passage. There was a point at which a little person was made out of the naan…I don’t know what happened to his poor soul…the world may never know. We all scarfed up the delicious lunch and headed down to the saloon for DOUBLE SCIENCE WOOOOOOOOO!!! Today’s topics were El Nino and La Nina for Oceanography and marine mammals for Marine Biology. Personally, I love big animals, so today’s marine bio lecture was especially interesting – if I could spend all day learning about seals and whales, I would. Everyone was super involved and attentive today as we are preparing for our marine bio exam that’s in a couple of days. The students have a lot of big assignments coming up, so we’re a little stressed. A healthy amount of stress 🙂 In between the two classes, Syd and Perry attempted to see how much of themselves they could fit into the bookcases. It was…kind of successful, actually?

People dispersed after class, choosing to do what they felt they needed most – some needed a nap, some worked on schoolwork, some caught up on journals, and some were called to their watch duties. It wasn’t too long before dinner was served, which was delectable pineapple fried rice, chicken, eggs for the vegetarians, and leftover naan. This got gobbled up just as fast as lunch – the chefs were on a roll. But throughout the day, there had been some non-chef people sneaking around the kitchen doing Sneaky, Suspicious Things. No one quite knew what was up until after dinner when Heather came up through the companionway holding a delicious chocolate cake with MandM’s on top!! She and a few others were singing a parody of Happy Birthday (replaced with the words Happy CircumNav) to Smash, who just officially completed her FIRST CIRCUMNAVIGATION OF THE ENTIRE WORLD!!! Can we get a round of applause for that huge accomplishment!!! Tom donned her with a handmade paper crown, an earth pin, and earth slippers that had all been crafted by our lovely crewmates earlier in the day. We are all so proud of our Smish :))

The evening concludes with some light rain to cool us all off, calm seas, and leftover cookies (thanks, Babs). I am going to go knock out some work (and possibly join some of the others in the saloon for a movie) before my watch shift at 12:00 AM. We’ll see if I can stay up until then – last time, I was not so successful. Goodnight to everyone here, and good morning to everyone back in the States!!

p.s. – To all my people back home (CO and NY): I miss you all dearly, and I cannot wait to tell you everything about passage. It has truly been something incredible. <3