Location: Underway to Aruba

Today the Argonauts began the day with Kris’ homemade spice bread! After breakfast, Brennan did a presentation on how to listen to jazz. He taught us a bit of history and let us listen to some of Ella Fitzgerald and West Montgomery. We then continued our student leadership development class by talking about events that happened between the ages of 14 and 21. After class, we started prepping Argo to head to Aruba! Since I was skipper, I was in charge of bossing people around and making sure the passage checklist was done. We then headed into town to clear out of customs and hopefully have some extra time for last-minute gelato. Once we were back on Argo, we set sail for Aruba around 2 pm. Aruba is about 110 nautical miles, so we should be there tomorrow morning. Just in time for Valentine’s Day! Once we were on course, we had an MTE class, and Kris taught us a few COLREGS and crossing situations. The Argonauts ended the day with chicken cordon bleu and study sessions for our Marine Biology exam tomorrow! -Anna McBee, The Greatest Skipper Argo, has ever seen!