Location: Mountain Point, BVI

Another glorious day has passed aboard Ocean Star. The crew started the day off with some morning dives. The open-water students completed the confined water portion of the course, and I could tell just by their faces that they felt proud and accomplished. After everyone finished their dives, we prepped for passage to Mountain Point (see title). The duties aboard the ship are getting easier and easier as the days go by, and we learn more and more about the vessel. Today was just a short passage from Savannah Bay to our destination, and Tor spread crucial knowledge of points of sail. I, skipper of the day Cole Lewis, got to man the helm (steer the ship) the whole way there. I thoroughly enjoyed being in control of such a large ship. After we arrived, it was shower time and time for one of our fellow students, Yi, to master the art of diving. We all cheered her on as she successfully dove into the clear waters of the BVI. It was the first time that it seemed like we were a family instead of just a crew.

During dinner, we do this thing called “The Squeeze,” where we all go around and tell our favorite parts of the day, and someone gets to ask a question for everyone to answer. Today was my day to ask the Squeeze question. I asked what everyone thought their greatest talents were. It was incredibly interesting to hear what everyone had to say. Answers ranged from ‘keeping quiet’ to ‘singing a song that mentions almost every single country in it and everything in between. After dinner, the open-water students started their final book chapter to complete their certification. All of them are psyched to get certified and start diving for fun rather than for the class. Now, I’m sitting in the chart room writing this, and so concludes day five on our journey around the Caribbean.