Location: Rodney Bay, St. Lucia


First and foremost, Happy St. Patty’s Day!!!! I, of course, wouldn’t have even known it was St. Pattie’s day today if some lovely shipmates hadn’t pranced into my cabin last night to ask if they could make some special holiday treats (obvi, I said yes). And then, this morning, I awoke to a beautifully decorated chart house! We had been visited by some artistic leprechauns – our decorations were complete with a very realistic leprechaun caricature of each of the staff. While I was excited to be holding a mallet in mine, I will say I was a touch confused – turns out it was a Secchi disk! Duh. Makes way more sense.

Anywhooooo. We ate breakfast – a classic yogurt and granola. And then we slipped our mooring and moved up to Rodney. While it’s always sad to say goodbye to the incredible Pitons, we are at least gifted with a beautiful and breathtaking view of their full ginormity as we leave (see photos). The trip up the coast was delightful, peaceful, and relaxing. And then Kiki and Jack graced everyone with, by all accounts, a very impressive, captivating Leadership presentation. They even dressed up for the occasion. I sadly missed said presentation as I was grading papers/exams for my own class (I teach Oceanography… you may remember a similar thing happening in my last blog post…).

Once we were nicely anchored in Rodney, we ate a most scrumptious lunch, complete with some homemade focaccia (Thanks, Lulu!). Lucky me, being the only gluten-free person on board, I got my own alllll to myself : D.
After lunch, we had to change plans a bit (hmmm… also something that happened in my last blog post… I’m sensing a pattern) – instead of Seamanship, we got to watch EFR videos. Everyone on board learns Emergency First Response – a riveting and critical life skill (also required to do the PADI Rescue course). There’s no doubt that everyone was impressed by the incredible cinematography and A-list acting skills put forth by the PADI production co. Grace (who’s a trained and practiced EMT) was most impressed.

Then everyone worked to passage prep the good ol’Starship, as we leave for Dominica tomorrow!
Dinner was set against a backdrop of my favorite type of sunset – just a simple blue and yellow sky. Idk why it’s my favorite, but I always love those sunsets especially.

After dinner, we have a quick check-in, given that we are over halfway through the trip. WOAH!!! And what a fantastic ride it’s been.

Tootles till next time