Location: Deshaies Bay, Guadaloupe

This morning started early aboard Ocean Star, and the crew rose to the sound of the engine turning on and the sounds of John Butler streaming through the salon speakers. We were quick to get PFDs on and the anchor up, passing breakfast up on deck as we turned away from the picturesque Les Saintes and began our motor to Guadeloupe while singing Happy Birthday to our crewmate Jane. Dodging fish pots as we neared the island, Ocean Star skirted around the southwest headland and made its way north to the marine park of Pigeon Island. We dropped the hook amid moored cruising vessels and quickly set up our gear, eager to get in the water. Taking our dinghies over to the dive site, we rolled out of the boats and sank beneath the surface. The fact that Pigeon Island has been a marine park for many years quickly became obvious as the students were surrounded by vast schools of fish, colorful sponges, squid, and corals. All of which are watched over by bust of Jaques Cousteau, the inventor of the SCUBA system and founder of the park. After returning to Ocean Star, we once again picked up the anchor, motored to the northwest corner of Guadaloupe, and dropped the hook in Deshaies Bay for the night. After a delicious dinner of taco bowls and homemade cookies, several scientists involved in whale research on Guadeloupe joined us. Pierres Shelltone project is one in which he and others developed an instrument with which they can sing with whales. Through music, he and others have been able to communicate with whales and develop relationships with them over time. By recording the whale songs, he and other researchers have investigated the effect of whale song vibrations in the fields of medicine and agriculture, with startling results. Their lecture going late into the night, the cake prepared by Marina for Janes birthday, would have to wait until the morning as people began drifting off to sleep. Im sure no one will mind the sugary treat tomorrow morning as we get up early again and make way for Antigua!