Location: Cook's Bay, Moorea, French Polynesia

These are my favorite kind of days. They incorporate my favorite activities out here on Argo: playing, cleaning, and exploring. The morning began with the semiannual SLD Olympics, where the 20-person student body had to work together to gather clues and complete different tasks. Tasks included such things as building a raft out of floatable objects onboard Argo, setting the forward staysail, making and eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches without using their hands, and also putting on Gumby suits. It was quite a laugh to watch a number of these activities happen as there were also obstacles like not being able to use both their arms, being tied to another person, and being blindfolded. Hopefully, the pictures included in this blog provide you with a few good laughs. Following the grand putaway of the Olympics, the boom swing was set for all those daring enough to swing out over the water and attempt a few more flying backflips. While that was going on, Argo was getting some loving, with a few determined individuals crawling to the bottom of the forward bilges to wipe down the walls and make them sparkly white once again. After lunch, the majority of the crew headed to shore to explore the beautiful island of Moorea. As the coastal road that circumnavigates the island is fairly flat, most people have ended up using their own two feet to see what they can findwalking a few hours one way or another to a little town or a beautiful view of the coast and the rugged Moorea landscape, which only makes me all the more excited for tomorrow’s hike.