Location: Atlantic Ocean

The morning after our first night at sea found us heading into the NE with 4 sails set. The forecast had improved enough that we could finally set out to cross the Atlantic. Some of the shipmates were feeling the effects of the swell and motion of the boat, but for the most part, morale was high. After updating the forecast again in the morning, we were able to turn the ship’s bow a bit further away from the wind easing the motion of the boat. We were soon on a close reach, heading almost due North with the wind and waves on the beam. The mid-Atlantic high is sitting directly to the North of us with its clockwise rotation of wind. In the fashion of the countless ships that have made this passage before us from the Caribbean to Europe, we will head North to try to skirt its edge before picking up the Westerly winds around the latitude of Bermuda. From there, the wind and waves should follow us in towards the Azores. 16 days to go until landfall, but already we are slipping into the routine of passage, the push and pull of the waves, and moonlight nights at sea.