Location: Portovenere, Italy

Today was a more relaxing day aboard Argo, allowing us to recharge from our busy day yesterday and prepare for our passage to Villefranche tomorrow. After breakfast and cleanup, we had our leadership class, where we discussed more ideas for our autobiographies. Then we got the opportunity to get all of the science equipment out, learning about how to use each instrument, a skill we’ll need for our research project later on in the semester. After classes, we had the rest of the morning free before we headed to Portovenere. Some of us spent the morning exploring around where Argo was docked, many of us taking FULL advantage of the land showers, while others opted to spend the time relaxing on the boat, working on our marine bio paper and catching up on sleep. After lunch, we made the 10-minute motor to Portovenere and had the afternoon to explore the town. We walked around the churches and the castles and finally found some reliable wifi. We grabbed our last Italian Gelato and headed back to Argo, where we took quick showers and had dinner. Now the group is split, with half of us in PSCT class and the rest writing the last few sentences of our papers. It’ll be another early night on Argo, as everyone wants to get sleep in preparation for our overnight passage to France tomorrow afternoon. set date:2012-09-30