Location: Portsmouth, Dominica

We had yet another early start this morning (in the hope that everyone would make it up on deck by 7 am) and motored down the coast of Dominica for a town called Portsmouth. After breakfast was underway, when we were able to satisfy our cereal request once again, we had a quick briefing on our activities for the afternoon. The trip along the Indian River was primarily intended as an oceanography lab where we would measure the salinity, temperature, depth, and visibility of the water in order to determine what type of estuary it was and how the saltwater and freshwater mixed. However, the tour held a lot of our interest in the fact that it was used to shoot parts of the Pirates of the Caribbean films (we still need to finish watching the film!) In between our data collection, we were able to visit remnants of the film set and quiz our guide on his opinions of the actors before stopping at a small cafe where we were brought a box of mangoes and ended up having a very messy 10 minutes attempting to eat them. We’ve had a relatively calm day, which was ended with a barbecue on deck, courtesy of Aaron, who was in charge of the grill.