Location: Gibraltar

Back at it again, skipper for the 3rd time in 39 days (can’t believe it’s been that long already). Apparently, im going to be skipper five times so that you will hear from me again. Today, I decided that since we all know each other better and are closer and more used to one another, I was gonna start to wake up wars by waking everyone up with some pots and pans. never been so happy (can’t say the same for them). I think I got hit like five times, but it was worth it. After that, we all met in the cockpit for breakfast, where we got the great news that we would have all day to go to shore. Some of us decided to do laundry, and others to stock up on snacks for the Atlantic crossing (by getting two shopping carts of snacks), after Rob, Skylar, and I dropped off our clothes, we decided to explore the town in search for costumes since we have a Halloween dinner tomorrow and we all have to wear costumes, we couldn’t find any so we went back to the boat for a quick nap because Rob, Greta, Fifi and I wanted to go bowling, I really don’t know how it happened, but I lost even with Greta playing and it was her first time playing which I don’t believe. One by one, we all started to get back on the boat for dinner, where we got the news that it was going to be a rough ride out of Gibraltar.

Now im getting ready to get some snacks for the crossing myself, so I’ll see you guys next time CHAOOO.

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