Location: Underway to Grenada

Today was a day to remember. We are still underway to Grenada, and the ocean was so calm and beautiful, with barely a cloud in the sky. Once all the watch teams were up and about, we rallied for lunch and then went right into MTE class!

During class, Nick taught us a short story to help us remember the parts of a sail… “Uncle Luff had a Tack in his Foot but didn’t have a Clew about the Leech on his HeadBattens!” (Battens is to be said enthusiastically at the end of the story because Nick couldn’t figure out any other way to fit it into the fantastic tale of Uncle Luff.) In addition to discussing the parts of a sail, we raised the flying jib for the first time! Nick, Eddie, and Nelson all climbed out on the bowsprit to attach the sail, and we got some great pictures showing their enthusiasm. Kudos to them for climbing out there – and poor Nelson paid the price by getting thoroughly drenched by a particularly large swell.

Nelson may have gotten the first shower of the day, but after class, we all joined him in our first bathing experience underway… bucket showers! They are much more fun than they sound… especially when a bucket shower turns into a “power shower” (in order to effectively power wash the courageous bather, one must fill a bucket with seawater and chuck it full-force into their face… it’s very effective.)

The day concluded beautifully, on a calm sea… perhaps too calm. It just happened that the wind died, and as it did, so did our motor. We consequently made no movements for approximately five hours. Although this tested the patience of some crewmembers, the sunset we witnessed during that time definitely made up for our wait. Not only was the sunset spectacular, but those on the first bow watch reveled in the bioluminescence of the water as darkness set in. Now, as I sit here writing this, we have finally managed to get back on course and are now traveling southward at a solid 0.3 Knots. It’s not quite the 5.0 Knots we’re used to, but better than floating in circles. (Note: we got the engine back on late last night, and just after, the wind came back as well!)

One last note… Mum, Dad, and Max, my phone isn’t working well down here, so I haven’t been in touch much, but I love you to the moon and back, and I’ll try to send a note if we find internet in Grenada. Alright, Emma, out. G’night.