Location: St. Pete, FL

This morning Chase made everyone some very nice scrambled eggs and toast. After everyone was finished eating and cleaning up we were surprised by a fire drill. At this point, we were assigned our watch groups for the rest of the trip. Each watch team is made up of four students and two staff, every watch team will have four hours on watch and eight hours off watch. With each watch, the team comes great responsibility. Each watch team has a different thing they are in charge of in a state of emergency. My watch team was in charge of flipping some valves so the fire hose worked. We were also in charge of gathering all medical supplies and everything we would need to survive in a life raft. After that, we started preparing for our passage to the Dry Tortugas. Everyone was assigned to new groups and areas of the boat where we took care of different things in order to get the boat ready for departure. After all of that, we had some scrumptious pork for dinner and talked about all of our best seasickness stories.