Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Today was exciting. Thats the best way I can put it. For the first time in three days, we were able to wake up later than 0630, which was certainly a blessing. We had a fantastic breakfast of cheesy scrambled eggs, peppers and onions, and sausages, and the work of the day began afterward, with passage prep! The voyage to St. Helena isnt especially short, and theres a lot of work left to do before Argo is ready for the open water. Given that this will be our first passage, we, of course, have no idea what were doing.
Needless to say, prep took much longer than it could have.

After a time, we got everything done, filled the water cartons, and mounted the mainsl. An afternoon of freedom gave us our fill of food and entertainment, and we finally sat down to dinner after the most prodigious grocery trip Id ever seen. Myriad ingredients covered the saloon for hours as music blared, and those of us still on board danced while sorting through it alldefinitely a good time.

Today was also the first of several birthdays aboard! Happy 19th, Harrison! Bring us some good luck for the passage!