Location: Phuket, Thailand

Today was a busy day for the crew of Argo. We arrived in Phuket after an overnight passage from the Similans. It was our first shot at Boat Appreciation (giving a little love back to Argo in the form of cleaning), and we rocked it. Midway through bleaching down the galley and listening to Beyonce at full blast, we found out that in order to clear customs, we all needed to go to shore. Lickedy spilt, we made ourselves presentable and lined up outside the customs office, waiting for our passports to be stamped. Once cleared, several of us embarked on the insane journey of provisioning. We nearly cleared the store out of tortillas and UHT milk – filling 16 carts with grocery bags. The process came to a halt when trouble arose with the cash register, but eventually, we were carrying our bags into the taxi. With hopes of leaving for Langkawi by 3 pm, we made it our goal to get the groceries from the pier to our boat as quickly as possible. The process was on par with training for a triathlon. Red-faced and sweaty, we sprinted back and forth on the pier, loading our dinghies. I’m sure we looked insane to anyone witnessing the spectacle. Once all the food was loaded onto Argo, we packed it away in sneaky compartments under our beds and floorboards. We ate delicious Pad Thai for dinner, lifted our sails, and transitioned into our watch team rotations. The125 nautical miles to Langkawi were bumpy, and everyone emerged from bow watch soaked by the waves, although almost everyone (especially Joe) will admit to loving it. We are all excited to explore Malaysia before our major passage to the Maldives in a few days!