Location: CA

Its Kenz reporting to you from my bedroom in Northern California. I have a 400 square foot room, but somehow, I would rather be in my small little bunk. Things have been quite a change, first off cooking is a lot easier cooking on a non-moving burner. I remember our first passage to Grenada I was head chef and that was probably one of the hardest things I had to do, but I felt so accomplished. At home, I have been doing a lot of cooking and have made homemade pizza to sourdough and Pita bread along with Mediterranean food. I have been amazed by all the creative meal ideas I have had because of all this free time. It is making me go crazy. Learning online does require a lot more focus than it should, but late nights after a day of sailing classes make it seem easy to stay focused. The wildlife here makes me miss snorkeling in the Tobago keys, where the turtles outnumbered the people. Here I only see my dog, Molly, a few cats, and the occasional rare sighting of my sister leaving her room for snacks. Things have changed, but the amazing memories and pictures make me so excited to see what is next in my journey through life because if this is any indication, I am super excited. The people I have met, I hope to stay in touch with because you became my family.During the trip, this quote from Gilmore girls described how I felt, I am having one of those moments where I am sad because I know nothing will ever be this good again -Roy Gilmore