Location: Falmouth Harbour, Antigua

Today started early for some. Steve, Leah, Chessie, and I took a morning hike around the area. We left at 0545hr and made it back for breakfast at 0700hr. After breakfast, we got ready to race again. We headed out into the racing area and started to set sails. We had great winds and were able to make it up to 8.5kts. Once we finish, we headed to English Harbour for a sailboat parade. As we enter, we clapped for other boats that passed and blew horns, and waved to the huge crowd of locals. As we headed back to our dock, we did a quick deck wash. Once we were docked, most headed to the showers, and the chefs headed to the galley. At 1800hr, we had squeeze and brinner (breakfast for dinner) then clean up before heading out for a night out. The music was loud tonight. Even if you stay on the boat, you got a show, the boat beside us had a live band on board. We found out late that we placed 3rd in today’s race. Go, Argo, Go!! We are hoping for high winds again tomorrow.