Location: Underway to Borneo

Today brought sweet relief from the baking heat, flat seas, and random squalls. We enjoyed a cool breeze all day, picking up enough in the afternoon enough to put up some more sails. While we may still have had to keep the engine on to keep up any decent speed, but it still felt nice to look up and see full sails and a clear sky. Today also marked the passing of the 4,000 nautical mile mark on this trip, and the number just keeps on climbing steadily higher, to who knows what number! While we may not be able to see land yet, everyone on board is getting anxious for its sighting, likely sometime tomorrow afternoon. In the meantime, we fill our time learning about chemical oceanography in OCE and compass deviation, variation, and other important nautical navigation terms in MTE. All in all, another full day of passage passes by as we work our way ever closer to Jakarta and Borneo.